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Advanced Imaging Providing Superior Detail

Computed Tomography (CT) is available at Lexington and Saratoga.

Computed Tomography (CT) is an advanced imaging technique that produces hundreds of high-resolution images of the region of interest and provides superior bony detail. In a CT scan, adjacent structures are not superimposed on top of each other as they are in conventional radiographs, making them much easier to isolate. Specialized computer software allows the images to be reformatted to create cross-sectional slices in multiple planes. These images provide detailed anatomical information making it possible to diagnose diseases and injuries earlier and more accurately.

For adult horses, CT imaging is particularly useful for evaluating fractures, cervical spinal cord compression, dental and sinus abnormalities, traumatic skull injuries, headshaking and neurological diseases. Computed tomography is also useful in managing rib fractures and spinal malformations in foals. Computed tomography is very quick and can sometimes be performed without general anesthesia. Our unit is mobile, so it can travel into the surgical suites to assist during fracture repair procedures.

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