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Saratoga (518) 583-7273

Wellington (561) 383-5437


Leading-Edge Diagnostic Imaging Technology

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is available at Lexington and Wellington.

A PET scanner is used for diagnostic imaging in select lameness cases and enables safe imaging of the equine limb without general anesthesia in a standing, sedated horse. The scans produce quantitative, three-dimensional, cross-sectional images that can help accurately pinpoint the location and severity of a problem. Any area on the limb from the foot to the carpus (knee) and tarsus (hock) can be imaged.

Two different types of scans can be performed. One looks at areas of increased bone metabolism and is useful to identify subchondral bone disease, signs of impending fracture, suspensory ligament attachment disorders and osteoarthritis. The other looks at the overall tissue metabolism and is useful in soft tissue injury or laminitis cases.

Rood & Riddle is the fourth location for this standing PET scanner for horses globally and is the site of the first installation at a private practice. PET significantly increases our imaging and our ability to identify pre-existing conditions earlier, give more effective diagnoses and plan better treatments for equine athletes.

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