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High-Quality Images for an Accurate Diagnosis

Radiology Services are available at all three of our hospitals: Lexington, Saratoga & Wellington.

Rood & Riddle offers digital radiology for our patients in the hospital and on farms. Radiographic images are often the first diagnostic tool when orthopedic injuries are suspected. Our clinicians use radiographs in various cases, including lameness examinations, neurologic examinations, pre-surgical evaluations, intra-operative procedures and evaluation of the respiratory tract.

Our powerful in-hospital x-ray generator can obtain high-quality images of adult horses’ cervical spine, back and pelvis. The images are then transferred internally to a preliminary viewing unit where they can be reviewed immediately.

Rood & Riddle is proud to provide the benefits of digital radiology to our ambulatory clients in the field. The veterinarian can examine, manipulate and optimize the digital images, sometimes allowing preliminary diagnoses to be made stall-side. Images are then uploaded to a central server, and workstations with high-resolution monitors and specialized image-viewing software are used to make final diagnoses. The advent of portable digital radiology has also allowed us to radiology areas of the body, such as the thorax, proximal limb and cervical spine, that were previously impractical to radiograph in the field.

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