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Visiting Veterinarian Program

Our visiting veterinarian program is an observational externship designed for veterinarians who have completed veterinary school. Clinicians, interns and technicians make every effort to explain hospital cases and procedures whenever possible. As a private clinic, the amount of actual “hands-on” experience is limited. However, there is an enormous amount of information to be gained by observation and exposure to our heavy caseload.

Visiting veterinarians can plan what they would like to do each day during their visit based on their professional interests. Visitors will be able to observe equine specialists in surgery, anesthesiology, internal medicine, cardiology, ophthalmology, podiatry and reproduction. Those interested in farm calls can accompany our clinicians to experience time with an ambulatory doctor. 

All three of our hospitals offer unique educational opportunities. All visiting veterinarians are welcome to attend lectures, medical rounds and continuing education seminars. 

Visiting Veterinarian Policies and Requirements 
Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital is a private hospital with a loyal clientele. Our patient care and client relationships are of paramount importance to us. We are happy to accommodate visiting veterinarians to observe at all three of our hospitals. While we understand visitors’ interest in participating in surgery and case management, it is the policy of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital that visitors should be aware that their involvement in inpatient care is strictly as observers. Visitors should not expect to participate in the case management of our patients. 

Additionally, photography or videotaping of horses, procedures, charts or images during your visit to Rood & Riddle is strictly prohibited. 

Student visitors have priority over visiting veterinarians. 

Our on-site housing is reserved for current veterinary students only. Visiting veterinarians can visit our locations for a maximum time of two weeks. Visits are scheduled October – March.

Please complete the application form below if you would like to participate in our visiting veterinarian program.

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